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5 Livros Com Duetos Para Saxofone

Amigos 5 pequenos livros com excelentes duetos para brincar no saxofone.  

15 Progressive duets designed to develope interpretation of dance music by carls peoole.
Six Cents
Minor Major
Swingin Keys
Double Blues
No Marx
Windy Biddy
Curtain Razor
Don't Rush
Three Fingers
Wana Go Back
Skid a bob boo
Russian the beat
Boop e. dupe
Rinor Mife

            13 Jazz Sax Duets                                                                          15 duetos for jazz             
       Misty                                                                                        Lookin Achoo
  Bluesette                                                                                      Downtown   
On the street where you live                                                             Chico 
People                                                                                               Sideburns
My funny valentine                                                                             Minor bird
Take the "a'' train                                                                              Goofin
Satin doll                                                                                          Hexico
I've got you under my skin                                                                 Bluejay
Johnny one note                                                                                Broke up
Speak low                                                                                        Fantail
The girl from ipanema                                                                        Groovy
Spring can really hang you up the most                                              Kook-Town
Summertime                                                                                     O'Henry
                                                                                                        Pom Pom
33 Duetos for Jazz
Jazz Duet Nº 1 - 33.

47 Duetos for Jazz
Jazz Duet Nº 1 - 47


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