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2002 - Kenny Garrett - Happy People

Kenny recorded much of Standard of Language at the same time that he recorded Happy People. It is under my impression that his aim for the much poppier, smoother Happy People was to cheer people up in a time of sorrow (right after the 9-11 tragedy), hence Standard of Language was released a year later than Happy People.

If you want feel-good jazz performed by a brilliant jazz musician, pick up a copy of Happy People.

If you want that vintage Kenny Garrett jazz sound at all its intense and sizzling goodness, look into his other albums such as Songbook, Standard of Language, etc.

01-Song For DiFang
02-Happy People
03-Tango In 6
04-Ain't Nothing But The Blues
05-Song #8
06-Halima's Story
07-Monk-ing Around
08-A Hole In One
10-Asian Medley
11-Brother B. Harper


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