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1996 - Kenny Garrett - Pursuance: The Music of John Coltrane

While clearly paying homage to Coltrane Kenny Garrett is such a huge talent that he creates something here that is uniquely his own. Never imitative the tunes have the spirit of Coltrane's versions while incorporating a bright texture that centers on Garrett's alto but is certainly enhanced by the addition of Pat Methany. Brian Blades is amazing as always. This guy is Max Roach and Tony Williams in one package. What a drummer ! Overall this is a very fine collection and Garrett can play both melodically sweet and on the edge in a way that makes him one of this eras finest jazz musicians. Highly recommended.

1. Countdown
2. Equinox
3. Liberia
4. Dear Lord
5. Lonnie's Lament
6. After The Rain
7. Like Sonny
8. Pursuance
9. Alabama
10. Giant Steps
11. Latifa


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