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Joe Lovano and Us Five - Folk Art (2009)

Joe Lovano and Us Five - Folk Art (2009)

JOE LOVANO formed a new band that he calls US FIVE to record Folk Art, his 22nd effort for Blue Note. In the liberated spirit of 1960s avante-garde and 1970s loft scenes -- featuring rising stars Esperanza Spalding on bass, Francisco Mela and Otis Brown III on drums and percussion, and James Weidman on piano -- this is Joe's first album of all original compositions, mixing his native-tongue free jazz elasticity with nuanced Latin grooves and meditative lyricism. The recording captures the edge-of-the-seat group interaction of US5 as the band intuitively interprets Lovano's compositions in a loose and joyous way.

1. Powerhouse
2. Folk Art
3. Wild Beauty
4. Us Five
5. Song for Judi
6. Drum Song
7. Dibango
8. Page 4
9. Ettenro

Joe Lovano on tenor saxophone, straight alto saxophone, alto clarinet, tarogato, aulochrome, and percussion
James Weidman on piano
Esperanza Spalding on bass
Otis Brown and Francesco Mela ondrums and cymbals

Joe Lovano and Us Five - Folk Art
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